Gollum Page Watcher GitHub Action

Mar 12, 2020 · 1 min read

Finding out when code changes in your project is easy. Whether it is version control, build notifications, GitHub/GitLab notifications, there are many delivery mechanisms to notify you.

But what about all that documentation you spend a lot of time on. Curating your system, tweaking guidelines, and examples. How do you get teams of engineers to know about changes?

There isn’t that many options in this space.

If you are a Slack user, and if you use GitHub as your documentation/wiki space, then the Gollum Page Watcher can help.

It’s a GitHub Action that allows you to watch all pages in the GitHub wiki, or just a select few. Each time the wiki is updated, you will get a Slack notification in the channel you specify.

The configuration is fairly minimal, and slots into your workflow

- name: Wiki Watcher
  uses: benmatselby/gollum-page-watcher-action@v1
    SLACK_CHANNEL: #random
    PAGES_TO_WATCH: (^Home$)|(^Meeting minutes)

Make sure you listen to the gollum event:

on: [gollum]

The output looks like

Gollum Page Watcher

Hopefully others will also find this useful.

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